Anxiety-TreatmentIs Anxiety Disrupting Your Daily Life and Impacting Your Ability to Trust?

Do you worry about a specific issue or all issues in your life so much that you can’t shut your brain off? Does it feel impossible to take time to relax and enjoy life? Are you anxious about what has happened in the past, what is happening now, and what may happen in the future? Does your anxiety keep you up all night as you contemplate solutions to every problem or issue? You might feel so tired that you just want to sleep but you can’t seem to slow your thoughts down. Or, perhaps you lay in bed feeling tense and thinking of all the things you might do, all the things others might do and all the things that may happen tomorrow, the next day, the next week or the next month.

Is your anxiety causing you to have frantic days where you rush from one thing to the next? Do you feel unsupported and lonely in your anxiety? Perhaps you feel that no one understands all the work you are putting into making everything perfect so that you can rest and relax.

Living with anxiety can be very draining. It can cause you to get sick more often because your body is exhausted from the constant adrenaline coursing through it. With so much anxiety buzzing through your system, you may feel like you zip through the day and then crash hard at night. Although there still may be more to do, your body may not allow you to do them. It can be so frustrating and make you feel like your body is betraying you.

When you crash, it can feel like a challenge to be in a relationship with anybody. Your body may be screaming to rest and demand some self-care. At this point, if you have others to take care of or feel you should take care of, it can become overwhelming. It’s not unusual to become angry, snap at others and to feel like you’re falling apart. You may feel as if you have no one to catch you as you fall.

You Are Not the Only One Suffering from Anxiety

In our modern society, you are not the only one living with the buzz of anxiety. The speed of our culture and our perception of our parents’ expectations that we learned as children can contribute to an unbalanced life. There are many people who identify themselves as a person with a “Type A personality.” This comes with getting a lot accomplished, but it also usually results in a lot of stress and anxiety. A type A personality can have a lot of anxiety. This anxiety can be the intense drive that helps them accomplish so much while simultaneously eating them up inside.

The good news is that you can learn useful tools and create an effective support system which can help you maintain a calmer and more balanced life. Anxiety treatment can help you feel safer, cope with relationships better and manage career challenges more effectively.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Enjoy Life Again

Perhaps your life so far has been fearful and anxious. Would you like to experience life in a different way that does not come from a fearful, anxious place, but rather from a place of pleasure and trust? As a person who has had to work through cultural, oppressive, and trauma anxiety, I have a big basket full of tools that you can use to learn how to take care of yourself better.

When you come in for sessions, my goals are to create a safe environment and offer tools that you can use to feel safer, calmer, more balanced, and more trusting of yourself and your environment. We can find ways to weed out unnecessary stressors, strengthen boundaries so that you feel secure and identify what adds pleasure to your life so that you can have more of it.

Often, when anxiety, stress and distress dominate our lives, physical symptoms can manifest. With my somatic psychotherapy background, as well as my expertise in family constellation work, I can help you work through both the physical and emotional distress you may be struggling to navigate. Somatic psychotherapy addresses the mind-body connection while family constellation work identifies familial patterns of anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional issues you may be carrying with you.

We will work with mindfulness techniques to raise your awareness of what causes your nervousness and how you can best manage your symptoms. These tools range from paying attention to your breathing to noticing when you start getting sweaty or snappy with people. Simple steps can make a big difference.

Additionally, if you would like to delve deeper into anxiety treatment, we can explore the sources of your anxiety using mats and figures, art, and animal assisted therapy with my therapy dog, Aria. Through an innovative approach personalized for your needs and desires, you can begin to understand the core issues that cause your anxiety so that it no longer impedes your ability to manage the demands of daily living.

Anxiety is a normal human state that everyone is wired to experience. It takes a lot of effort from the body to get us anxious and it can be a great survival mechanism. However, it is not healthy to constantly be in an anxious state. When people are perpetually anxious, they age faster, they exhaust their bodies and their minds go into survival mode, affecting their focus, concentration and decision-making skills. It becomes harder to make rational decisions and to set boundaries. Constant anxiety can lead you into a downward spiral that feels as if you are going deeper and deeper into an abyss that you will never again be able to leave.

Conquering your fears and reducing your anxiety will not make the abyss disappear, but it will help you to get out of it. You will be able to look at it from above. With your new skills, you will be able to make the decision to not let yourself to fall back down into that abyss. If you start falling, you will have the tools you need to catch yourself and pull yourself back up.

You May Still Have Questions or Concerns About Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is no big deal…

If you don’t feel that your anxiety levels are hindering your life, you may not need anxiety treatment. However, you may feel that you need more information to find out whether you do need it. To determine whether you need anxiety treatment, you can download my free report or contact me to schedule your free 30-minute in-office consultation.

I’m not sure that therapy will work for me….

Anxiety treatment has been proven to be effective. If you feel that previous attempts to get anxiety treatment were unsuccessful, it could be that the therapist or the style of therapy were not a good match for you. It also could be that you weren’t yet ready to make positive changes in your life. Or, you may have felt so overwhelmed by your anxiety that you were unable to put in the effort to make changes.My unique use of somatic therapy, animal assisted therapy, and constellation work can help you listen to your body and release the issues that trigger your anxiety.

I can’t afford/don’t have time for anxiety treatment…

Ask yourself if you deserve to live more happily and more peacefully than you do now. Are you just getting by each day or are you enjoying life? Our emotional health is so important. Taking care of your mental and emotional well-being can help you maintain your physical health. In the long run you will save money on medical bills and won’t miss work or your other commitments like time with your family and friends.

Get Your Life Back On Track, Beginning Now

A peaceful body can create a peaceful mind. Start your journey toward healing today by contacting Defne to schedule your first appointment.

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