PTSD-TreatmentHas A Trauma Left You Feeling Out of Control, Overwhelmed, Hyper-vigilant or Depressed?

Do you suffer from anger, sadness and fear as a result of experiencing trauma? Do you feel distrustful of others, overwhelmed with emotion or encounter feelings of shame? Perhaps you feel ashamed of yourself or of the circumstances surrounding your trauma. Maybe shame or fear have left you faced with the heavy burden of keeping your trauma a secret.

Are you often triggered unexpectedly by a touch, a look someone gives you, a smell or something else in your environment? Do you feel so paralyzed by your trauma that you are uncomfortable leaving the house for daily tasks like going to work or the grocery store?

When we live through trauma, we often feel that we have lost power or control over our lives. Both the body and mind are often unable to let go of the intensity of the emotions that result from trauma. In addition to creating mental and emotional anguish, trauma can manifest through physical pain, affecting eating and sleeping patterns and potentially causing anxiety and depression symptoms.

You Do Not Suffer Alone

If you have experienced trauma, you may feel like no one understands you and never will. Unfortunately, trauma is an all-too-common experience. In fact, I have worked through trauma myself.

There are many different scenarios that can cause trauma. Trauma can be the result of anything from a car accident or any other kind of accident), to sexual, physical or emotional abuse, war, the sudden death of someone close, surgery or a bad visit with the doctor, as well as many other possible scenarios.

Trauma results from a direct violation of trust, a violent act or a personal injury. You might have experienced trauma through rape, an accident, loss/grief or another situation where you felt out-of-control as your world came crashing down. Additionally, witnessing a traumatic event also has the same effects of trauma and could lead to resulting associated disorders like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as it would if the witness were in the accident.

Thankfully, the right therapist can give you the tools and support you need to regain control over your life. Engaging in trauma therapy in a safe environment can give you the power and strength to make positive changes and help to mitigate emotional and physical pain. In trauma therapy, you can start the journey toward healing.

Trauma Therapy Can Put The Power Back In your Hands

As a person who also experienced trauma, I know the importance of having a safe space to work through your trauma symptoms and heal. I ensure that, in session with me, you will have a secure, trusting and comforting environment to work through your pain. You will also have the space and time to experience trauma therapy at your own pace.

Mind-body trauma therapy can help you address emotions and/or memories that you may have repressed or not allowed yourself to feel. While logic, reason and rationality are important components for working through trauma, our bodies also work through trauma by expressing their stories. Often, we are too busy to notice or purposely avoid responding to our bodily sensations and concerns.

It is very common to experience physical symptoms when underlying emotional issues are not expressed, particularly when dealing with trauma. In sessions, you will learn to listen to your body’s story so that emotions and trauma symptoms can be released. Understanding your body can help to reduce reactions to triggers.

In sessions, we can address the information your body is providing you. For example, if you are having difficulty with boundaries as a result of trauma, you might notice that while talking about your trauma your hand moves to signal stop. One way I might have you address that movement is to push at a pillow. Another possibility is for you to verbalize the need to stop by yelling or screaming no, stop, go away or even letting out a growl to release your emotions.

Reminders of trauma can often bring us right back to the moment or moments when the trauma occurred. These triggers can surface at any time and often elicit feelings of fear and panic. In our trauma therapy sessions, I can teach you techniques for calming and regulating yourself when environmental triggers create anxiety, panic or fear. Much like a medicine pouch or a first aid kit, you can draw from these soothing, effective tools to experience relief.

If you feel shut down when people ask you deeply personal questions, especially about your trauma, I also offer animal therapy. My therapy dog, Aria, has a special gift in how she relates to humans. She is also gentle and playful. Often clients find that using Aria in trauma therapy sessions helps them open up to understanding what their bodies are trying to communicate.

With a supportive therapist and a willingness to take steps toward feeling better and functioning well, you can once again have typical responses to environmental stimuli. You can also recommit to career, family, friends and self-care, as well as regain joy and ease in your day-to-day life.

You May Still Have Questions or Concerns About Trauma Therapy

I’m not sure that therapy will work for me….

Trauma therapy has been proven to be extremely effective. If you did not have success in the past, it could be that the therapist or the style of therapy were not a good match for you. It also could be that you weren’t yet ready to make positive changes in your life. Or, you may have felt so overwhelmed by the trauma that you were unable to put in the effort to make necessary changes. My unique use of somatic (mind-body) therapy and animal therapy can help you listen to your body and release the painful emotions created by your trauma. You can also learn to communicate more effectively with yourself and with others.

I would rather take a pill…

Pills often mask symptoms and do not properly address the underlying causes of those symptoms. Although it may feel frightening to deal with your pain and issues through trauma therapy, the right therapist can help you work through painful emotions and better understand your triggers, body sensations and thought patterns. With support, you can experience long-lasting results.

I can’t afford/don’t have time for trauma therapy…

Our emotional health is so important. Taking care of your mental and emotional well-being can help you maintain your physical health. Over time, this will save you money on medical bills and keep you from missing work or other commitments like time with your family and friends.

Get Your Life Back, Starting Now

A peaceful body can create a peaceful mind. Start your journey toward healing today by contacting Defne to schedule your first session. With help, you can develop the tools needed to get your life back on track and regain control. For more information on trauma and PTSD treatment, take a look at my free report: Do you need PTSD treatment? 5 Signs You May Be Suffering from PTSD.

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