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Defne Dinler

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Are you interested in…


• finding healthier relationships in your life?  • feeling more at peace with yourself?


• feeling safe and at ease with your emotions, thoughts, desires, needs and surroundings?

Whether you feel comfortable taking gentle steps toward your goals or are ready to make robust changes in your life, I will work with you at your desired pace. Therapy with me involves conversation and exploration of your body's reactions to your emotions and experiences.

One of the unique aspects about my work is that clients have the option to include my therapy dog in their sessions. Aria is a gentle and playful dog who loves human connection. Her presence in sessions often allows clients to open up more fully and to begin to understand what their own bodies are "saying."

Anxiety Treatment


Is Anxiety Disrupting Your Daily Life and Impacting Your Ability to Trust? Do you worry about a specific issue or all issues in your life so much that you can’t shut your brain off? Does it feel impossible to...

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Trauma Counseling


Has A Trauma Left You Feeling Out of Control, Overwhelmed, Hyper-vigilant or Depressed? Do you suffer from anger, sadness and fear as a result of experiencing trauma? Do you feel distrustful of others, overwhelmed with...

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Relationship Counseling

Do You Wonder Why You Can’t Make A Relationship Work? Are you experiencing tension in your primary relationship or with a coworker, family member or someone close to you? Are you often worried that your thoughts and...

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